We are «RAMOK NET» team — couple of travelers and creative designers.


Here you can order:

Graphic design:

  • Logo
  • Corporate identity
  • Printingart
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Design for social networks
  • Design of souvenir production

Web design;

Creative — unusual ideas for your business.

About us


I have been traveling since 2014. I am from Saint-Peterburg. I participated in opening StreetArtMuseum (SAM). I love everything unusual and creative. I spent one year in traveling in Asia without any money just for understanding how our world is built. I have lived in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Phillipines. I participate in Vipassana cource once a year. I am vegeterian.


I have been traveling since 2015. I was born in Yekaterinburg. I was working as a director of department of marketing and advertising. In work i appreciate the sense of style and punctuality. I have lived in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Phillipines, besides I have been in Greece, Spain, Czech Republic and Thailand. I am vegeterian, I love chocolate, animals and truth.


In logos we make we put meaning, soul and our creativity. We feel interested to dive into your story and minimize it up to a single symbol. And this is not just a picture, but a stylish set of graphic elements with a maximum of information packed in it. Below you can see some of our works as an example: